Kid's English

  • De 0 a 6 años

Kid’s English

Es una forma divertida y distinta de aprender Inglés. Ofrecemos clases de inglés para niños en Vigo donde los pequeños se comunican en Inglés durante todo el tiempo que dura la actividad.

El inglés surge de forma inconsciente y así de forma que conseguimos que nuestros alumnos consigan hablar inglés sin darse cuenta.

With children between 3 and 5 years I teach English through games, arts, storytelling, puppetry and the Jolly Phonics method.

With children 5 years old and up I start gradually incorporating reading and writing skills and we start using a class book. However, the stress is still put on speaking and listening skills, pronunciation and vocabulary, and children continue to learn English through fun games, arts and crafts activities, songs and movements, all of these designed for their age. New vocabulary is always introduced through listening, then practiced through speaking and only after that it is practiced through writing and reading by children.

This method assures that children learn the right pronunciation, which in English is different than the words are written. The Jolly Phonics method is a method used with great results in order to teach children the various sounds of English language, and how to identify them in written form. These sounds are practiced through songs, movement and short rhymes first, and later on through reading and writing. However, the stress in these classes is put on SPEAKING AND LISTENING skills, and children will be able by the end of the class to speak in English in real life situations with confidence.


Inglés para niños impartido

  • Martes de 18.00 a 19.00h
  • Jueves de 18.00 a 19.00h
  • (opcionalmente una sola clase semanal).